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Johnny Lyons - US Ski Jumper
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There is a wealth of information on this site about the sport of ski jumping and more specifically about U.S. Ski Team member Johnny Lyons. Have a look around and learn about the original extreme sport.
The sport of ski jumping has a long and rich history. It was on of the original sports in the Winter Olympic games. The four main sections of a jump are the inrun, the takeoff, the airflight, and the landing.
Johnny Lyons Sets a New Personal Record He flew 140 meters on the k125 in Klingenthal, Germany.

FIS Cup points earned in Falun, Sweden Takes 24th place in a strong field of competitors.

Tough competitions in Oberwiesenthal

Johnny named to Ski Team! The team is privately funded and coached by the famed Jochen Danneberg.

Johnny Lyons named 2007 Central Division SKIER OF THE YEAR!
Johnny has ski jumped at facilities throughout the United States and Europe, and all Jumps are not created equal. Some make this list because they're big, some because they're fun, and some for centimental reasons.
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